• Availablity: Unavailable
  • Brand: SECUTOR

Shotgun Velites G-V Tan Secutor Velites is the new series of rifles brand Secutor. It consists of 8 gas powered models with the possibility to select the BBs in groups of 3 or 6. Some models include a support and six cartridges. They are based on a system similar to Japanese brands (similar to MARUI) Technical data: - gas operation - gas supply system directly in the calcium tube -receiver complete with sledge weaver (picatinny) from 21mm -equipped with Viper style football - QD Sling ambidextrous belt - equipped with three internal barrels - fixed hop up system - internal selector to shoot 3 or 6 dots -capacity cartridge 28 strokes 6mm - Useful 30 meters - maximum range 40 meters - 270-300fps power - maxv87cm length - closed football 78cm -long length 300mm - weight 3200gr - "Made In Taiwan" quality product -accessories included: 6 cartridges, side cartridge holders, bb loader loader, few pellets, cane cleaning brush and instructions
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